“Reading or trying to learn what a chart says or means may sometimes be very difficult.

PriceCounts not only implements excellent chart perspective as to where prices have the potential to go, but also offers clear and logical verbal explanations as to the reason behind why the market will make that certain move. Starting the week with the straight forward analysis that Price Counts provides is a valuable tool I always use when looking at what markets I may want to trade.”


“PriceCounts have been invaluable to me when advising my commercial clients. The different projections allow me to “dream a little” when establishing margin protection strategies. They make my life easier and my recommendations smarter! ”

Jarod – Broker

“I don’t know what I would do without price counts! As a broker and trader, it is a strong technical indicator about a possible change in trend, when to initiate entry trades, when to lighten up trades and when to liquidate trades. Price counts has a high success rate and helps one stay the course until counts are hit or close. Also they help from overtrading and signal when to move out of futures into an option trade when a possible rare 4th count is possible. A must have in the tool box for any trader or broker in my opinion.”

Jason – Broker