The PriceCounts worked really good on oats, 2.80 then 3.05 on Dec. Also good on rapeseed !!!!

Worked well

Your soybean chart helped me decide to cover up my short bean position and put some profits in the bank darn near on the lows and just before the market rallied a $1.25!

Your soybean chart

“It is refreshing to know there are still people (and companies that employ those people) who care about their product, and go the extra distance to make sure customers are getting the value they expect.”

Refreshing to know

Man, those sugar counts were like magic!

Man, those sugar counts were like magic!

“Chart of the day has helped me remove emotion at very critical points in my hedging. This year when the feeder cattle chart was provided we changed our option strategies to allow for more upside then our traditional positions. Without chart of the day showing us the potential of the current move, we would have left opportunity on the table.”


“Price counts have helped immensely in respect to potential market trends. As an end-user and protecting upside price potential it gives me insight into where markets “may” go to and with this knowledge lets me use options as a protective strategy. Primarily a corn end-user.”


“Sometimes I can’t see all the markets and the chart of the day will show me a development I had missed.”