QT Install Guide

QT Installation Guide

We recommend using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to install the QT platform software.
Please print these instructions BEFORE installing.

Step 1) Click the Start Download button.

Install Image #1

Step 2) You will be prompted to check your computer to make sure it meets the basic requirements.

Install Image #2

Step 3) If you have previously installed QT and the Active X control, you can skip to step #7. However, if you are prompted for QT’s Active X control, you must allow it to be installed. Click the light yellow bar (circled in blue near the top of the webpage in the image below).

Install Image #3

Step 4) Clicking the light yellow bar pops up a small confirmation window. Please click on “Install ActiveX Control…” (Circled in yellow in the image below)

Install Image #4

Step 5) Another box will pop up. Click the Install button (circled in red). This will install the control; it may take a few moments.

Install Image #5

Step 6) After the Active X installation is complete, click “rerun check” (circled in orange).

Install Image #6

Step 7) You’ll see a table that shows you have met the minimum computer requirements. Click Start Install (circled in green). If you fail any of the tests, please correct the issue. If you do not have Java installed, see our Java install instructions.

Install Image #7

Step 8) A download progress bar will appear. NOTE: If you see “download stalled,” DO NOT click the cancel button. This process can take just a few moments to several minutes depending on network traffic and your computer’s ability.

Install Image #8A

After the download finishes, an install progress bar will appear. NOTE: If you see “download stalled” DO NOT click the cancel button. The program will eventually start.

Install Image #8B

Step 9) Finally, the QT Platform Login screen will appear. Fill out the username and password sent to your email address. Remember, usernames are case sensitive.

Install Image #9

Webstart Upgrade

QT’s Webstart technology automatically checks for upgrades and new releases. When Webstart receives new software, it will apply them automatically at start up. You’ll be sure and have the most up-to-date release with all new features at the click of a button!