Website Development

Website Development
  • Introduce yourself to our professional designer.
  • Give us your website needs and ideas.
  • Work with our developer on content-colors-pictures-design.
  • State-of-the-art hosting facilities
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Futures Quotes
  • Cash Bids
  • QT Weather
  • QT News
  • Email
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***Fire up your template driven site in 10 days or less***
Custom design from scratch also available.
Some template examples:


QT can host your Grain Elevator’s website on our servers and provide a Content Management System that allows you to easily manage your site.

Cash Bids

Deliver your cash bids data via text messaging and email. Manage and calculate your cash bids. Give your clients immediate access to info on basis, delivery, commodity and cash prices.


We can build you a mobile product that includes quotes, charts, news, weather, your cash bids and more!

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