QT Messaging (AMI)

QT Automatic Messaging Interface (AMI)

is a unique broadcast distribution package designed to enhance efficiency in communicating with your client base. Need to spread the word? With AMI, you can reach thousands in minutes! It’s a fast and affordable way to communicate with your client base. Just dial up the phone tree service, record your message, and let AMI do the work!

Immediate communication with multiple clients at the touch of a button.

  • Improve communication with your client base
  • Notify clients of urgent pricing, market information, schedule changes or emergency updates
  • Make all your clients your first call
  • Enjoy guaranteed privacy
  • Save time and money!
  • Receive post-call statistics on who got the message
  • Text message or call contacts
  • Upload call lists from Excel or email them directly to AMI support/li>
  • Save unlimited lists and access them for easy maintenance
  • Access an AMI-provided website for message posts and updates
  • Allow clients to press “0” to connect directly to your office
  • No hardware or software
  • No set up fees
  • Agribusiness/Commodities
  • Business
  • Political
  • Staffing
  • Sports
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Travel
“AMI has enhanced my business communications ten-fold. I can call all of my clients instantly, and they all feel like they are getting that personal touch because they are hearing the information directly from me.”

– Paul, Broker in Chicago

“I have saved so much money on mailings by using AMI. And my customers prefer to get a notice or update directly to them and immediately, rather than having it lost in a pile of mail.”

– Tom, Grain Buyer

“With AMI, I can let my employees know instantly if there is any kind of scheduling delay or any issue they need to be aware of and relay to the client. And they can always check the AMI portion of our website to make sure they haven’t missed anything.”

– Rob, Ethanol Plant Manager

“Unlike other messaging systems that I’ve used, AMI sends you immediate call results, so you know who got your message, and who received a voicemail if they didn’t pick up. That is invaluable.”

– Ira, Broker

“I have multiple lists saved in my AMI, with contacts organized according to category. This way I can contact only the specific list I need to get my message out. Or, I can easily create a new list of contacts on the spot.”

– James, Introducing Broker

“AMI makes my clients feel connected to me in a way that no email or mass mailing could. They can be assured that if something drastic happens, I will be in touch with them in an instant letting them know.”

– Allen, Meteorologist

“The best part is that after a client hears my message, they have the option of pressing “0” to connect directly to my office. That way I know that if anyone has questions, my staff will make sure they are taken care of.”

– Scott, DDG Marketer

Here’s how it works:
Dial up AMI and enter a List ID to determine which list of clients will receive your broadcast. Record an audio message (a trade idea, market update, closing recap, etc.), and your message will automatically be disseminated to a select group of clients—directly to their phone and accessible via your website or QT webpage.

A special auto-dial feature allows customers to connect directly to your office with the push of a button.
(“Press one at any time to connect to our office and place a trade.”)

AMI also provides users with a website that allows clients to access previously recorded broadcasts, which are archived for three days and accompanied by a time and date stamp.
Personal AMI Webpage:
AMI broadcasts can originate from multiple contributors from any touch-tone telephone.
Professional introductions are available for any broadcast.
Generic broadcasts of FuturesLine content may be utilized by AMI clients and can be sent directly to the client or posted on your webpage for replay.

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